29 day lean lockdown challenge

Features & benefits


29 DAYS.. 29 Days of your life to push yourself and see what your body is capable of.

Make this lock down a productive one.

No excuses. 

Get the results you wished you wanted in the first round.

Change your life. TODAY!


We provide you with ACCOUNTABILITY.

No more “ill do it tomorrow”..

No skipping, no letting yourself down.

Accountability is KEY to achieving progress. So we give you just that.

Checking in to ensure you are on track, helping you anywhere you need and guiding you to success.


Not only do we want to challenge your body physically, we want to help you mentally.

We will teach you and help you understand the ins and outs of weight loss.

We will cover Nutrition, Training and Mindset.

We will give you info packs to keep, and knowledge to carry with you for life.


01  Live classes for all fitness levels

Sick of days dragging in? Too tired to do anything productive? Start your day off right! 

Live classes available for both beginners and higher fitness levels. And they save on our page incase you miss it!

Using none-minimal equipment.

02  homeworkouts for all fitness levels

To allow for variety to suit all fitness types and goals, you will also have access to low impact workouts such as Dumbbell Full body, Legs, resistance band only etc.

03  calories calculated& nutrition Guide

Did you know, achieving a fat loss goal is down to 80% nutrition?

No more guessing. We will provide you with the calories you need to get amazing results. Not only that, but keep the results in the long term. By creating good habits and a better lifestyle.

04  Support group& weekly challenges

You will be kept on your toes with access to out support group.

Using weekly challenges; just to push you that little bit further.

With females in the same position as you, supporting each other. 

To achieve goals it is so important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people, so we have got you covered.

05 recipes

Different recipes, ideas and guides to keep your food fun, interesting and most importantly.. tasty!

From pizza wraps to Cajun pasta to Chinese and Nando’s fake away, to enjoy the foods that you love whilst still achieving your goals!

06  daily/weekly check ins

To keep you on track over the next 30 days, we will be checking in with you along the way to ensure we are doing the most we can for the best results possible!

start your 29 day challenge today