Trainer Expert

Personal training

Using hour sessions to educate you in the gym. Trying different techniques, building confidence and helping you grow in the gym environment.

Not only do we help you in the gym, we help you outside the gym. 

Nutrition is going to make up 80% of achieving you with your fitness goal. We want your training and nutrition to go hand in hand and provide you with the tools to do so.

We provide you with take-away programmes to follow in your own time. To ensure you are getting the best from our service.

Personal training services


2x Per week, 1 hour  training sessions.


Resitance Training and Cardio, depending on your personal fitness goal. Stretching, Glute activation.


Calculated Calories, recipes, nutrition guides and a flexible and sustainable dieting approach.


You are provided with an all you need to know, welcome pack. You are also able to contact your coach whenever needs be for any further information required.


Accountability sheets provided to ensure we are utilizing as much time as possible. Weekly- Weigh ins to ensure you are on track each week.


We want to hep you both physically and mentally. Creating positive relationships with yourselves, food and the scales. Creating lifelong changes for a better outlook on life.