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  • At AD Fitness we take a different approach to help you achieve your goals. We aim to help you achieve a LIFESTYLE change. No fad diets, no massive restrictions and the freedom for you to ENJOY your life and weight loss journey.
  • DIET: With a flexible dieting approach, you will be provided with lifetime knowledge. You will gain an understanding of foods, create healthy and sustainable relationships with foods and achieve your goals.
  • TRAINING: We will teach you top fitness trips of training, the best way to train tailored to you and your specific goals, for any fitness levels!
  • MINDSET: We do not only help you physically our goal is to help you mentally too! We provide support throughout the day to keep you motivated and educated.
  • COMMUNITY: Our community is rapidly growing, with a support of like-minded females sharing their thoughts and experiences helping each other every step of the way.
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 Welcome to my website,

Before we get started, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Ainsley and I am a coach based in Pro-Life Fitness Centre in Paisley, Scotland.
I have been a personal trainer for 3 years. I have worked with all ages, sizes, genders, abilities and goals. I have worked on land and on board cruise ships, helping people from all over the world achieve their goals!

My goal, is to cut the ****. I want to EDUCATE you. CHANGE you and help you GROW as a person. I am a firm believer in promoting a healthy lifestyle. To me, this is finding the balance between enjoying social life, exercise and food. My aim is to help you create lifetime habits, rather than short term fixes.

I train because I love seeing what my body is capable of, I eat well because it gives me energy, keeps me healthy and my heart happy.

Are you ready to see what you are capable of?

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 Since starting with Ainsley she has made sessions fun and enjoyable, whilst showcasing her knowledge within fitness. I always feel  more energetic and positive when I leave the gym!